Hearty Welcomes & Salutations! Originally an action-packed travel blog from a globe-trotting Scotsman, An Ache for the Distance has, over the years, slowed down (I post less often), mellowed out (my dogs and kid have found their way on here) and become more of an expat blog (I German things up). Take a look around, leave a comment and share the love if you like something.
Stuart Mathieson, Lübeck, Germany



Around The World On A Toilet

A young American couple with some serious wanderlust. Lots of arty photography and informative posts. Also fantastic for the wonderfully innocent comment "Lianna enjoys large dogs..."

Bacon Is Magic

"I'm Ayngelina and in my mid-thirties. I left an amazing job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America. I'm creating a new life choosing what I want instead of what other people think I should do."

Bamboo Butterfly

"I am a freelance writer/photographer and ESL teacher currently living in central Taiwan. This is a personal and travel blog documenting my journey/transformation both physically and spiritually as I explore new lands and uncharted territory within myself."

Daves Travel Corner

A great little site with photos, journals, travel resources and dozens of other useful travelly titbits.

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt has not only created a blog which stands out with a loyal following, but also one of the largest travel blog directories I've seen...

Justin Was Here

A certified lifaholic, Juston offers up a nice little travel site, posing as a blog page. Possibly one for the future...

Lash World Tour

Lash has possibly the biggest sunnies on the web and is forever discovering little travel gems...
"Hi! My name is Lash. I'm passionate about traveling the world nomadically, writing about my adventures and the cultures of countries I visit, then sharing them all with you. I hope to inspire you to travel the world, to entertain you with tales from the road, and to help you reach your travel dreams."

Where the Hell is Rory
"In August of 2011, I left home to fulfill a dream of world travel. This is a journal of my experiences on the road, a bit of photography and some crazy times. As I continue to share my stories and offer travel advice, I hope I can inspire others to travel behind in my footsteps..."

The (Dutch) Globetrotter...
Jakob's description... "This site is mainly about traveling. hiking, backpacking and my motivation & preparations for my upcoming worldtrip and about some things i’ve done in the past."

Backpacking and budget travel, first hand advice and stories.

The Poor Travel Blogger

An American budget traveller gives you his perspective on the world and how to travel cheaply...

Vagabond Kids

A vagabonding family, respect! Inspiration for those filled with travel fear...

The Runaway Guide
Fancy learning how to build a fort, jump a train or blag free food whilst on the road?  Leif will tell you how...

Wandering Trader
A young South American fella travels the world whilst funding his habit through stock market trading, clever boy!


Aefa Mulholland is a freelance writer, editor and photographer, based in Toronto. She writes travel, culture and lifestyle for publications in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland.
Born and raised in Scotland, Aefa Mulholland has worked with the B.B.C., Irish national broadcaster R.T.E. and a plethora of print and online publications, including The Irish Times, The Miami Herald, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Advocate. She is currently Editor of Private Islands Magazine. She has been published or broadcast on four continents, writing or presenting on subjects from mule racing to the hazards of bingo to partying with The Pixies.

Her book "The Scottish Ambassador," about learning how to become Scottish in Scottish-America, will be finished in 2011. Other current projects include a documentary about career options for seahorses and a short film about a Shetland pony from hell.

"At Somewhere Or Bust, readers will receive travel tips, read stories that will spark their next adventure, and have a few chuckles, usually at my expense."

"Born in Canada, raised in Argentina, always dreaming of the road."
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